Taxing us all to benefit a few, is that really fair ?

There has been mixed views on the recent set of tax measures outlined by the JLP to fulfill an election promise of elimination of income tax for those earning $1.5m or less. While the plan was not realized exactly as promised and the timeline has been pushed back one year, the government has delivered something.

Many people however thinks the plan was a bad one given that the taxes being imposed will affect everyone, while one a small number of people stand to benefit from the income tax break.

I am mildly amused to hear people suggest, that had it not been for the $1.5m there would have been no need to impose more taxes on us.

Truth be told, I can hardly recall a budget that has been read in my adult life, which has not had a tax component ie almost every budget that I can recall has asked us to pay more taxes.

In all of these budgets, we the PAYE workers got back little or nothing . In this budget PAYE workers are actually getting back something in their pockets for the sacrifices these have made for decades, paying income taxes for the over 800,000 workers who pays NOTHING to the government coffers.

Income tax is a most unfair and unjust tax as less than half of those earning an income in this country pay for the entire working population of over 1.3M.

Now the government is giving back something to those of those who pay and we hear loud noises from those who pay diddly squat in income taxes even though they earn an income.

The fact is I have more money in my pocket and I can now decide how I spend it. I plan my trips better and conserve on gas as one should always do regardless of the price

What is ironic is that even the the $7.00 SCT, gas price is $10.00 less per liter than it was at the same period last year.

Kudos to the Government, this is a massive step in the right direction.

BTW SCT is not applied to fuel used by JPS and so there will be NO INCREASE in electricity prices as a result of the SCT increase.


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