Portia Simpson Miller plays the gender card again !

“Why am I being asked to step aside, when other  before me have not been asked to do so, is it because I am a woman.”.

  1. No other PNP leader in recent memory has called two elections and lost both.
  2. No other PNP was so ineffective and absent for nearly 4 years.
  3. No other PNP leader, hid from the media for 4 years.
  4. No other PNP leader has acted so naive as this leader.

Every time Portia fails or is called out she pulls one of these cards

  1. Its because I am woman
  2. Its because I am a black woman
  3. Its because I am from humble beginnings

Portia Simpson Miller is 71 years old and its full time she grows UP and end the damn nonsense !


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