Where are commonsenseja fiercest critics

Now that Jay has been proven right once again, the regular critics of the space, rather than come on board and say they really underestimated by expertise and like the PNP so ashamed, they have gone silent.

I was called a mad man and was even told by one uninformed person that the PNP will take 50 seats and the JLP on 13.

Haven been proven wrong, he has placed is tail between his leg an gone into hiding.

With the PNP now in opposition, I expect these folks to soon crawl out of their holes to criticise every move by the JLP.

You guys are still welcome. 🙂



One Response

  1. One of these days they will recognise that we are all Jamaicans and the country should come first. Not fattening up ourselves (and friends) at the expense of development.

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