Andrew Holness could be Jamaica’s greatest ever Prime Minister

I have been a fierce critic of Andrew Holness over the last few years, but I must admit the man has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 12 months.

Andrew Holness a few years back was boring and uninspiring and appeared to be a vindictive individual, but having almost been thrown out of the party he has emerged a much stronger person.

Today Andrew has morphed into a much stronger and vibrant person who ran a truly inspiring and focused election campaign. He never allowed himself to become distracted and stayed on message during entire period.

It was the mass rally in HWT that I really knew Andrew Holness had come of age and was ready to lead Jamaica to the next level.

If Andrew remains focused and rooted in his beliefs and communicate to the people of Jamaica and listen to their voices, there is no stopping him from becoming the greatest Prime Minister since independence.

He cannot do it on his own and their needs to leverage those in both the public, private sector his own cabinet and even the opposition to take the country from a crime filled dirty and corrupt place, to the financial, manufacturing and commercial giant of the Caribbean.

He must however recognize along the journey that not all Jamaicans will want to walk with him as we try to lift this country. There are those in this country who are of the belief that the cannot live in the country unless the PNP is government and will not lend support to any leader trying to build this country as long as they are not from their side. This is the reality of today’s Jamaica, but I do hope that as we mature, we will all come to the realization that if Jamaica wins, we all win and we really need to start winning.

We have been running from this country for years seeking refuge in smaller and yet more developed economies paying much better than we can ever hope to earn in Jamaica and I believe its time to change the game.

We are too rich to be poor and need to begin to move beginning today, March 3, 2016 on that journey

For those who don’t believe they can live under a JLP administration, I say get over it. I don’t see Americans running from America when the Democrat or Republican wins, what I see is that whoever is in power makes Americans believe they are the greatest nation on the earth and act like that.

We may not love the America way, but this is one sure thing I like about them. If sports can unite us, why have politics divide us.




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