How did the PNP snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

The PNP is today smarting from last nights election loss and wondering how did they lose when all the pundits(except Jay of course) had them winning.

My top four (4) reasons are

  1. Personal attack on the JLP Leader
  2. Refusal to speak to the Jamaican people via debate
  3. Advertising of JLP $1.5M tax break
  4. Social Media

The strategy employed by the PNP is exactly the same ones which was used by the JLP in 2011 when they lost.

  1. Attack Portia Simpson Miller
  2. Promised nothing but austerity
  3. Constant reminder about the other party.


The PNP deserved this loss and social media played a huge roll in getting out all the information to the people. No longer can mainstream media control the flow of information and thus influencing peoples vote.

Some were willing to go as far as say its 18 more years in the wilderness for the JLP, but that was not the case.

I do hope the JLP deliver as I ecpect.


5 Responses

  1. I have those same four reasons for the PNP losing the election. The frivolous reasons given by them to not do the national debates was really a slap in the face for all well thinking Jamaicans. You had all the major business groups, the church, the PAJ and civil society groups literally begging the PNP to participate in the debates and the party scoffed at them. The party thought they had the victory in the bag so why bother expose the PM to a debate.

  2. That’s four reasons!! I agree with you 100% though.

  3. I actually wrote a piece about this in the gleaner titled Portia wrong to have believe the hype.

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