PNP’s job creation target is nothing but a con

Jamaica is a country where too few people spends the time to do research and come to their own position on issues in the country.

The PNP in its recently released Manifesto has promised 100,000 jobs in five years and has laid out something of a plan on how to get it, but lets examine that as well as the PNP track record on job creation.

On page 16 of the Manifesto, the PNP says,

14,000 new rooms will be created over the next decade ( 10 years), which will create 40,000 news jobs.

Now one can recall that Dr Peter Phillips had said

“We will create 100,000 jobs in the next term in office”

One term is not 10 years but 5 years. The 40,000 jobs was out of the 100,000 he had said, but in the manifesto these jobs would be generated over 10 years and not 5 !

Second point is.

There are an average of 2 hotel workers per hotel room in Jamaica, so based on the number of rooms to be created, the number of jobs would be  2 x 14,000 or 28,000 and NOT 40,000 as claimed by the PNP. That is a difference of 12,000 jobs or 30% less than the figure claimed by the PNP.

Now what about the PNP track record on job creation.

in 1989 the labour force in Jamaica 1,115,516 at the end of 2014 this was 1,300,516 or an increase of just about  185,000 jobs in  26 years of which the PNP was in power for 22 of those years. Let’s assume that no jobs were created between 2007 & 2011 and also that no jobs were lost .

Over the 26 year the net rate of job created has been 7110 jobs per annum, yet the  PNP which is not know to create sustainable jobs, wants us to believe that they can triple that number, given the fact that 100,000 in 5 years is 20,000 jobs per year.

See graph below

jamaica labour force

Pay careful attention to the numbers on the right hand side and not just focus on the columns as you could be fooled.

The PNP’s Manifesto in relation to manufacturing is the worst I have ever seen in any Manifesto and shows a lack of thought and depth in their document.

The plans for Manufacturing in terms of job creation is all of 23 words, yes 23 words ! It reads( pg 34)

” This sector has traditionally been a significant employer of labour and is expected to continue to do so as it is being revitalized”


On page 33 of the Manifesto the PNP speaks about the manufacturing sector and possible linkages to Tourism and Mining but is so vague it makes no sense. It then goes unto read that electricity rates have moved from US$0.40  to US$0.24 / kwh, but the rate is actually US$0.25 per Kwh thanks to world oil prices and nothing to do with what the PNP has done for the energy sector.

One therefore cannot rely on these oil prices beyond this year because nothing fundamental has been done in the sector to actually reduce electricity cost. Manufacturers  therefore cannot plan based on this as they will be hot by rising electricity cost as soon as oil price rebounds.

I did not bother to waste my time further having recognized the the 21 point plan was really a con and offers nothing new to the country.

Its sad that after 22 years out of 26 the PNP cannot formulate a credible plan for economic growth for this country, yet the expect to be returned to office.

Missing from the PNP plan is the plan to enter yet into another 4 year ETF with the IMF when this one runs out next year.





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