Will the PNP now answer the opposition questions ?

Now that Andrew Holness has answered the questions from Peter Phillips and the PNP, will the PNP now answer all questions rasied by the JLP.

Will NIA ask the PNP to provide answers?

Will the media demand answers from the PNP?

Will the PNP answer questions before agreeing to a debate ?

Interesting days are ahead.


4 Responses

  1. PNP provides answers, resulting in embarrassment for the Leader of the Opposition.

    I wonder if the Andrew Holness will examine that deal that his former minister of information got on his FINSAC property? Was he the highest bidder on that property?

    What about the pennies on the dollar that the former minister of finance paid on his FINSAC debt? How did he accomplish that?

    • So Andrew was able to provide details and derail the PNP and Peter Phillips. Now comrades vex with Peter because nuff man who get Finsac properties are in the firing line if this continues.

      Andrew stock are rising like the stock market, while Phillips was made to look like an idiot.

      Who used Peter like this, they should have never done that to poor Peter.

    • Peter see the young man inna big house and vex. Typical comrade behaviour. Ask Delroy Lindsay and Paul Chen Young about how PNP finance ministers deal with people who appears to be making money.

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