PNP won’t give the JLP and Holness any stage to showcase the 10 point plan

The PNP strategist are absolutely brilliant on politics but absolutely poor on governance, but who cares. If you can wreck an economy and put thousands out of job and get voted in 4 straight terms, why do have to care about the economy.

Since Andrew Holness announced his 10 point plan, the PNP has been caught in a tizzy and have no response to this plan.

The PNP having no answer called the plan a 10 point con, without providing any strong data driven analysis to show the plan is unworkable.

When that did not work , they have been trying to control the flow of information on the national airwaves by making some very asinine and uncharacteristic statements, which have actually worked to provide a distraction from the JLP’s plan.

The talk for the last half of this week was not the JLP press conference where details on the plan were explained, instead all the debate has been about the debate, which seems set to be off.

The media airwaves and social media has been caught up in a frenzy baited by the PNP , which has really been working to their advantage, as while they have been taking a battering, there is no debate taking place on the 10 point plan.

This is absolutely beautiful politics, one where the least important issue gets debated, while the most important issue is ignored. This is masterful piece of distraction, which ensure the 10 point plan does not get much attention in main stream media and cyber space. Brilliant move by the PNP aided and abetted by an undiscerning media

The PNP will continue on this trend until the media choose to ignore them and focus more on that 10 point plan, which on the face of it appears to be well reasoned and completely workable

Can we instead of focusing on the PNP decision not to debate, give Holness and the JLP to explain to us in some more details there 10 point plan.

Stop allowing the PNP to manipulate the news



3 Responses

  1. So whay doen’t the JLP buy ad space and trumpet their 10-point Con? Wait, if they do that the media will be the ultimate winner, since the JLP would have to pay for the advisement. So maybe, just maybe, it is the media that are the good strategist here. Or is it that the JLP is very short on cash to run a good ad campaign?

    If the plan is such a winner, why is the JLP relying on free publicity? Jay, you are very good at elasticizing the truth…aren’t you?

    • Why is the PNP running ?

    • Let us for a moment say that the JLP has put forward a 10-point con. With the PNP being the masters of misleading the masses and enticing them with disingenuous promises, what is there plan of action going forward? I am still waiting for them to unveil it, but then again, how can they unveil something they don’t have? I would bank on a bad plan any day than to bank on empty promises without any plan of action. Moreover, if we were to assume that both parties are deceptive, I would take my chances with the party that has deceived us less in recent years and the PNP has done it time and time again while the JLP only got one shot at it in a time when the world was facing the worst financial crisis in decades. As the great Bob Marley would say “you can fool some people sometimes but you can’t fool all the people all the time”.

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