Are National debates that important

So the PNP has decided that they will not be participating in any national debates this year, which is a choice they are free to make. What has struck me however is the volley of comments that have followed from social media especially in relation to the position of the PNP.

I have come to the realization that many of us in this country are not very good in doing analysis and tends to attach too much emotions to events that occur in the country and seems genuinely surprised by events, that one should have been able to see coming.

Portia Simpson Miller since being sworn in back January 2012 has steadfastly refused and has not had a single sit down interview with any media house or journalist in this country to answer any sort of questions.

In the few cases where attempts have been made to “catch” her at a function, her security has been brutal in getting any journalist away from the “running” Prime Minister.

Her Minister of Miss- Information  has been absolutely the worst and most useless minister to have ever held this position and offers nothing to journalist at the press conference that have been held. Not only has she been rude and less than receptive, she appears absolutely clueless and cannot provide acceptable answers to questions that have been asked.

Given all the above, why are Jamaicans therefore so surprised at the stance being taken by the PNP and the Prime Minister with respect to national debates. Did people seriously think the Prime Minister would engage in any sort of debate on National Issues, when she has not done so in 4 years.

The fact is the PNP have NOTHING to gain from any sort of national debate simply because those who actually are registered and are likely to vote could not give  a rats ass about national debates.

National debates are for the ARTICULATE MINORITY, journalist and public commentators and analyst  and  geared towards making them look bright and intelligent on the national stage. Debates only serve to massage the egos of those ARTICULATE MINORITY who incidentally will get a chance to criticize each speaker once the debates has ended.

The fact is, the ARTICULATE MINORITY does not participate in the electoral process on election day and therefore has NO MATERIAL impact on the outcome of the national elections.

Why therefore would the PNP who are only marginally ahead want to engage in a debate on national television that is hardly likely to generate any additional potential voters regardless of the outcome.

A better strategy for the PNP is therefore to go after the grass root folks, the ray ray politics folks, those who care not about fiscal deficit, debt/gdp ratio, or surplus. These people want to see their leader running and jumping and prancing on stage with music  blaring, cussing out the opposition while lighting up a big head while gulping down a Guinness.

The people who choose to exercise their votes on election day are those who are inclined to attend mass meetings and not those who listen to debates from the comfort of their living rooms.

Not attending  a national debate, will therefore hurt the JLP more than the PNP, as the JLP is trying to appeal to the ARTICULATE MINORITY, who will not vote regardless of the outcome of the debate, while missing out on opportunity to secure real voters  on the ground as the PNP are doing.

Now , folks I am not suggesting that we should not have debates, but when one look at the value to be gained by the political parties, we would quickly come to the realization, that there is no value added for the PNP and so the choice not to have one is really rather a  simple one.

I would like you to examine yourself and ask, do I have a vote and if I do, will I be going out to vote on Feb 25, 2016.

I can guarantee you that 90% of those who live on social media are not even on the voters list and even if they are there, they will NOT vote, so why waste time talking to those folks.

The JLP has better use the next few days to get on the road and try to appeal to those who are the “real” voters because on the day of the election, its not what happens on Twitter or periscope or facebook that counts, its how many X’s are beside the bell and are in the ballot boxes.

Debates will only become important when people vote on issues and the ARTICUALTE MINORITY get up of their collective asses and are willing to mark an X and dip their fingers in the indelible ink.

A dat me seh




4 Responses

  1. Friday night, a confident Simpson Miller told Comrades in Harbour View, St Andrew, that she would not be wasting time talking about the national debates.

    “Some people getting worked up and upset about debate, I am going around the country and talking directly to the Jamaican people. I am sharing our record with the people who put us in office.

    This is exactly what I have been saying. Argument done

    • You finally get it!! I agree with everything you said. That is why your party will be decimated come February 25th.

      Jay, do you know who Andrew Wayne Landells is? Is he related to Juliet Holness/Juliet Landell(s)? Do you know if the PNP have anything in their back pocket when they question Andrew Holness about that mansion on the hill? Be very careful when you call for debates.

      • Dennis, the PNP does have something on Anju, but there is a certain PNP politician who is also implicated in this matter.

        Its a matter however for the police in particular MOCA to investigate and take the matter to court much as was done in Kern Spencer case.

  2. […] Jamaican who is simply looking at ways to make us once again the Jewel of the Caribbean”,  questioned the value of political debates for either party, who would do better to engage in grassroots activities than to seek to persuade those on social […]

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