A PNP victory would set back Jamaica’s economy, much like it did in the 1990’s

The PNP has made a serious attempt to repair the damage they did to this country in the 18.5 yrs they were in power.  No other party in our history has had so much time at the crease and at the end of today, what does Jamaica has to show for these 18.5 yrs.

  1. Institutionalized corruption
  2. Political appointees make up most of the public sector
  3. Massive devaluation
  4. Rising in poverty
  5. Massive youth employment
  6. High murder rate
  7. No growth or low growth
  8. Increase debt ( Now going down)

The PNP has spent the last year largely working on trying to repair the serious damage they have done to the Jamaican economy by following the dictates of the IMF, but outside of the IMF the PNP has not enunciated any new plan once the IMF agreement runs out next year.

The word is the PNP is likely to re-engage the IMF for another 4 years, which is likely to spell disaster for the country.

The JLP introduce the Junior Stock Market and that has been a resounding success, yet the PNP is set to remove it should they win the next term.

The JSE was voted the best last year, due largely to the gains being made on the Junior, which as I said was introduced by the JLP, but as usual PNP takes the credit for something they had no part of.

The JLP has been the only party in our history that have implemented policies that have bought about fundamental changes in our economic outlook and needs to be given at least 10 years to put the country on a growth path comparable other growing economies in the world.

This is not something the PNP is capable of and so despite what the pundits have been saying, it would be a terrible mistake to re-elect the PNP for another 5 years.

I would venture to say it would be tragic.

Jamaica has nothing positive to show for the PNP 22 years out of the last 27 years in power.

Like the young man said from St Mary yesterday

“But the fact is, I have a sister who had to run off on a visa because this place is so hard. Nobody wants to stay here, and yet people keep embracing the same Government that has kept the country stagnant for years and decades.






4 Responses

  1. I am honestly confused. You make great points on how awful the PNP is but yet there are so many that have it ridiculously hard to make ends meet and STILL go back and vote for them. I just don’t get that. Blind? deaf? dumb?

  2. They had 4 years of the JLP promises which did not materialise. Cime went up. They had to change commish and security ministers, They were failing IMF tests like whoa, the place the worst at the time ( partly due to world recession to be fair) , but what rubs people the most, is being duped. they promised salary increase and then turn and give wage freeze. A lot of persons felt betrayed when the JLP did that !!!. Especially the nurses who Audley Shaw promised 100 % increase, then went and extend a wage freeze !!

    • PNP promised no gct on electricity and what happened. They promised jobs and what happened. I have never paid so much taxes in all my adult life. I have less spending power than I did 4 years ago, yet they say things are better.

      PNP has yet to present a credible plan to be re-elected. They have none !

      I know where my vote is going Feb 25

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