What is the PNP plan should they win the next election

The current IMF program in into its final year and despite all the reforms, all the devaluation and all the increase burden on the poor, the country is yet to exhale.

There is no growth agenda, oil prices are at historic lows, but prices in Jamaica for food and services are still at historic highs. There is virtually no growth, businesses are struggling and more job cuts are looming large this year.

The PNP has yet to outline a credible plan to grow the economy and with no such plan, Jamaica will once again have to turn to the IMF for another 4 years of more pain and suffering.

While the PNP should be spending time telling us what they plan to do in the next term, they have been busy analyzing the JLP 10 point master plan to grow the economy.

They often say experiences teaches wisdom, but not so in the PNP, which the longer they seem to be in power, the poorer Jamaica gets.

Another win for the PNP is a clear sign that Jamaicans love poverty vs prosperity and Jamaica will pay dearly for that mistake.





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