Rubis was subject of “contaminated” gas in Cayman in 2013 !

It is highly unlikely that consumers will receive any compensation from the fuel marketing companies given what I have unearth from a similar investigation carried out in Cayman in 2013.

Excerpts from that report

Arising out of the increased number of complaints relating to suspected fuel quality issues across the three Islands, the Petroleum Inspectorate (PI) launched an investigation into the matter in August 2013. The scope of the investigation was essentially to determine whether fuel of dubious quality was being imported and marketed locally and further, assess the possibility of local contamination as a result of equipment integrity issues or poor operating procedures by fuel handlers.

Customer complaints

  • “Car is performing poorly since fueling-up at XX Gas Station” 

  • “Engine/Fuel light on and car had to be taken to shop” 

  • “Encountered serious problems with my car and took it to mechanic/garage and they had to flush tank and change components (at significant costs) to get my car running again”

  •  “Car (Engine) is vibrating heavily and stuttering”

  •  “Having serious issues with vehicle starting in morning, during the day the p problem goes away”

  •  “Vehicle is not developing power as it should” (high-end vehicle operators)

All the above seems similar to what we are seeing in Jamaica.

Lab Results

Analysis was carried out for select parameters for both premium and regular grades of gasoline as shown in the Table 1 above. The significant parameters for which ‘dilution’ could potentially impact the results were MMT (hence OI) and Existent Gum.

Existent Gum

This parameter was found to be above the upper limit set by the standard test and while Esso provided explanation and somewhat ‘justification’ for their results, Rubis results which were significantly higher remains unexplained by the company. However, based on (details of) complaints received and the limited technical information obtained from garages and mechanics across the Islands, the symptoms were not indicative that this was likely a significant contributor to the problems most motorists experienced. This parameter has been flagged for follow-up monitoring and discussions.


This is the shortened name for manganese (compound) which is added to gasoline to improve its Octane rating.

This parameter is tested to ensure the concentration of MMT is within acceptable limits as set by a particular jurisdiction. Due to absence of legally mandated limits in Cayman Islands, Rubis currently utilizes US EPA standards for this additive of up to 1/32 gram per US gallon, while ESSO utilizes treat rate consistent with allowable limits in Canada and Australia up to a maximum 18mg/Liter concentration.

Overall, the specifications (or limits) for the parameters tested are acceptable at this time by Petroleum Inspectorate, that is, we have no reason or basis to substantially challenge the limits established by the industry which is defined under ASTM D 4814 standard for gasoline. The Vapor Pressure and Existent Gum limits would require research and analysis to ensure practical limits are established for Cayman Islands and any limitation of the analysis will be thoroughly evaluated. By similar token, the actual test results were acceptable for all samples except the Existent Gum, but to reiterate, this could not be considered a root cause of the issues motorists were experiencing

Link to the above  article can be found here Contaminated Fuel Report

Based on the above, it is likely that Rubis will remain very strong in defending its position and highly unlikely that Jamaican motorist will get any sort of compensation from the marketing companies, specifically Rubis.

Another commonsenseja investigative piece.




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