Now with elections postponed, more opportunity to use the $4b !

With the PNP starring down the barrel of electoral defeat, due to poor candidate selection, the dead babies scandal and refusal to public health sector audit report and the UK Prison deal, the PM had no choice but to pull back on a 2015 election.

The PNP PR machinery has not been as effective as it has been in the past and this is due mainly to increased usage of social media, which acts as a gateway to provide more info that one would get in the tightly controlled main stream media.

This 3 months break however, will provide Dr Peter Phillips, with time to spend a significant portion of the $4b windfall provided by the IMF.

Comrades don’t be alarmed food ago run just now and we will do whatever it takes to form the next government, because what is good for the PNP is good for Jamaica.



2 Responses

  1. Jay,
    I feel your pain :
    For the JLP :
    No conference in 2015
    Limited funding
    Multinationals and major trading partners biased towards PNP
    For the PNP
    Primary surplus benefits
    Increased multinational & foreign grants and loans
    Further relaxation in Public section wage cost as a percentage of GDP
    Late summer/ early fall general elections
    Game colt; JLP against the wall.
    5 more yrs of PNP

    • Yes all good things for the PNP and you may add increased FDI, yet despite all of this we are poorer, youth unemployment is at 40% and little or no growth.

      Yes 5 more years of the PNP to finish the job they started in 1989 !
      Congrats to all those who love poverty vs prosperity !

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