Portia says no elections this year, horse not jockey not ready

So I check the weight of the jockey, I check the saddle, I check the bridle and I just realize that nether d horse nor the jockey not ready


Given the fact that from August we have put comrade on notice and now that I am doing my final checks before the start of the race, it is clear we have more work to do, because we do not have a comfortable lead.

The above could very well be the words of the PNP camp, who from August though the caught the JLP napping.

Clearly the JLP has been energized by the PNP bungling and the PNP PR machinery has been ruined by social media who really does not need PNP media release of PNP henchmen in the media to dictate the news.

Social media has made a mockery of the PNP PR machinery,which has been misfiring badly.

Portia jockey and horse nuh ready despite the fact that they have been training since August.

PNP is definitely in a losing position now.


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