PNP policies have driven down oil prices, hail the PNP

The great policies implemented by the PNP since they came into power in 2012 have driven down the price of crude oil to historic lows. This has resulted in  a positive impact on the Jamaican economy.

Fuel prices are down by at least 35% and electricity cost is down by about 40%, which is a testament to the  Great done by the PNP administration.

The issues being experienced in the health sector has nothing to do with the PNP and instead is a manifestation of the bad policies of no user fee implemented by the JLP in 2007.

Crime is a problem today, not because of the policies not implemented by the PNP administration, instead it is a result of the JLP strongman Dudus who was removed from Jamaica in 2010 and imprisoned in the USA.

The man is so powerful that despite being out of the country for 5 years his influence on crime is still there.

Inflation is the lowest in 40 years, the dollar is right valued, interest rates are all time low, crude prices are at historic lows, IMF has given us billions and billons of dollar, the European Union continues to give millions, we have billions in new investments .

We have full public sector support as seen by recent negotiations, we have the private sector support and have full support of Japan, USA, UK and many other first world countries.

Despite all the above, the PNP has still not been able to generate growth in the country.

What more does the PNP need if it is to generate economic growth and prosperity for the people of Jamaica ?




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