If only the PNP could use the goodwill it has received properly to build Jamaica

The timing of the reduction of the primary surplus target from 7.5% to 7.25% while welcomed, is rather curious,. coming right in the middle of an election campaign.

The questions being rasied by the opposition spokesman is therefore justified and is not a case of “bad mind” as the PNP would want to make the “simpletons” amongst us believe. We all know while the IMF is not supposed to be involved in the politics of the land, they all do engage in politics in the places where they choose to give, aid, lets not food ourselves.

The USA is well known for its political interference in all walks of life across the globe and its only a simpleton would want to believe they have not been just as active here.

There is NO way the IMF would have admitted to being involved in the politics of the land and they will alwys tell us in public that “use the gift wisely”, because to say anything otherwise would be plain stupid.

Peter Phillips statement about the JLP seeking to have a quarrel with the IMF betrays Peters intelligence and can be ruled as a straight political statement devoid of an logic “in the real sense”. Any opposition party would question the timing of any such deal with seems to give the ruling party money to be spent for election purpose.

We all know that know love it lost between the JLP and the IMF and we also know the IMF find it easier work with the PNP because for one the PNP and some of the worst negotiators on the planet and they will do just about anything to retain power.

The PNP has many goodwill coming its way, from the IMF, to the private sector and public sector, along with the electorate, yet despite all of this, the PNP continues is very poor run on economic growth, crime and health.

If only the party could spend the time and energy is spends on planning to win election as it spends on the above  as it it did Jamaica would have been in a much better place today.

The simple fact is I do not believe the PNP has the capacity to do any better than it is doing today, despite the help it has received.

It remains the best party to ruin Jamaica


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