Bunting’s 6th crime plan in three(3) years. Thus is Akin to State of Emergency

Peter Bunting in an act of desperation has rolled out yet another crime plan, which I will label as crime plan #6. This is the 6th crime fighting initiative that Bunting has rolled out in 3 years and none appears to have either been sustainable or had any sort of impact on criminal activity in particular murders.

If you read the latest crime fighting strategy it is in fact a quasi – state of emergency ” in the real sense”.

A new crime-fighting plan is being rolled out with heavy military deployment, targeting major communities where murders and other criminal activities have seen an upsurge.

“We are going to see, for the first time, the new squadron of protective vehicles deployed operationally (by the JDF). These will be useful in areas where you have heavily armed gangs, and informal communities where the normal patrol has challenges to operate,” he said.

The minister pointed out that the Government has invested much in the JDF vehicles, and they will be utilised fully in the current offensive on crime.

This new plan calls out for the use of Armoured Personnel Carriers/Vehicles (APV) on the streets which is not something we have seen since the State of Emergency in 2010.

This is a clear indication that Peter has run out of ideas on how to address the crime monster and does not want to use the term State of Emergency out of fear that the opposition will lambast him,having not supported the then government in its quest to extend the SOE in 2010!

Bunting and the PNP has wasted the last 4 years of goodwill provided by the electorate and private sector and did nothing to address the growing crime problem, thus allowing it to spiral out of control.

This like the others which are all reactive and short term will have very little impact on the murder numbers and before you know it, the soldiers will be back at camp having achieved next to nothing.

Bunting should delcare a Full scale STATE OF EMERGENCY and go after the criminals with shock and awe, this is what is required and the country should be told so in no uncertain terms.

How many more lives will Bunting and the PNP allow to be lost, while they play politics with crime ?


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