Does jobs in Jamaica only come in multiples of 100 !

Finance Minister Peter Phillips at a PNP rally last night(November 10, 2015)  promised Jamaicans (read comrades) 100,000 new jobs if they decide to re-elect them(PNP) at the next  elections.

It then struck me that in Jamaica, promised jobs only can in multiples of 100.

Phillip Paulwell had promised 10,000 jobs under Netserve, but the only people got served was the guys who, stole our money and disappeared, but amazingly Paulwell a trained lawyer, kept his job.

An announcement was made last week by a hotel group promising to create 10,000 new jobs, once again muliples of 100.

Now Peter Phillips has outdone everyone promising 10 times what everyone else has and says the PNP will deliver 100,000 jobs.

The fact is folks jobs do not come in muliples of 100 as these guys would like us to believe and so one cannot take what they are saying seriously.

Does Peter Phillips think he can deliver 100,000 jobs ” in the real sense” and not JEEP jobs, which are not ” jobs int he real sense”.


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