The PNP women’s movement “defends” Fenton Ferguson instead of grieving mothers of dead babies !

I have been using this forum to call out the PNP women’s movement and has shown that this movement is now a national disgrace given its failure to treat with respect the issue surrounding dead babies at UHWI and CRH.

This movement, which now clearly lacks any sort of credibility (and is a shadow of itself), instead of coming to the defense of those suffering mothers has instead chosen to defend the incompetent and lying Minister of Health.

Is this what the PNP Women’s movement now represent, they are defending a man vs the interest of women across Jamaica in particular those who are suffering from the loss of their previous bundle of joy?

Are the members of the PNP women’s movement so callous, insensitive, uncaring and politically biased that they are not able to see the suffering of these women as real “in the real sense” ?

Does the PNP women’s movement think those who lost their babies to a run down health system are JLP and hence their callous and uncaring attitude towards them, is this what the PNP women’s movement have become ?

The insensitive nature of the first response to the dead babies scandal from the PNP women’s movement has shown that this organization is nothing short of a national disgrace and should drop the word “women” from their names as obviously they only care about politics and not the interest of women

The PNP movement had a glorious opportunity to place themselves above the political fray but squandered that opportunity and instead choose to follow the party line.

They are a disgrace to all women in Jamaica, the Caribbean and across the globe.

They can now be called the “PNP Loyalty Movement” !


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