PNP women’s movement blames the JLP for the dead babies at CRH & UHWI

In a shocking and most grotesque act of political desperation, the PNP women’s movement which have been silent for over 21 days since the news broke of the dead babies had this to say.

” The JLP did nothing to aid the health sector. They mash up health and now they are politicizing the issue this is the reason for the dead babies”.

All well think women across Jamaica must have woken up this morning feeling nauseated and wanting to vomit from this piece of a most insensitive, callous and uncaring outburst from a group said to be represent WOMEN !

If these people has remained silent, I would have continued call them out for being silent on women issues, but to open their mouth and spew this kind of trash, I am not convinced that politics turn otherwise well thinking people into idiots.

Shame on the PNP Women’s Movement, they need to be called out for a most shameful treatment of the mothers of these dead babies.

Can women really be this insensitive ?

Yes they can,  as have been demonstrated by the PNP’s women movement !,


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