PNP Women’s movement expresses its disgust at outburst made by…

No not at Fenton Ferguson characterization of premature babes as ” not babies in the real sense”.


According to Ms. Edwards, “Those who watched the Party Leader’s presentation on Sunday must have realized that she was presenting her Job Creation Initiative with the passion it deserves as the JLP has not fulfilled its Jobs… Jobs…  Jobs promise to the electorate”.  The Women’s Movement President outlined.

“Now; even if Mr. Shaw is demoralized by his failings as Finance Minister which has led to a worsening of the standard of living for most Jamaican women; that is no excuse for him to further denigrate our women.  Additionally, it is an affront to the women of Jamaica in general.   The PNP Women’s’ Movement regards this as totally unacceptable.

Where are they now …..

Pure and unadulterated political bias by these women.


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