Where is the PNP women’s movement on the 18 dead babies ,what an insincere bunch !

The PNP women’s movement is conspicuously silent since news broke that at least 18 babies died at two hospitals across Jamaica, leaving at least 18 mothers grieving at their loss. Now we know the PNP women’s movement was once a very noble organization that spoke out on women’s issues but for some reason, something appears to have changed.

Is the current PNP women’s movement so callous, insensitive, insincere and uncaring, that they would have allowed two weeks to go by without isssuing any form of a statement , any sort of reassuring words for the grieving mothers of these dead babies ?

Is the PNP women’s movement so politically blind, that they unable to separate these women issues from the politics of the day and call out for justice for these grieving mothers?

Are our women so unmoved by the loss of 18 babies for 18 mothers that they cannot in two weeks come up with a statement to let the country know that as women they too are outraged by what has happen to these women having had their young born ripped from them, when their young born could have been alive today.

Is this what the once noble PNP women’s movement have become.

Shame on you all and you inability to remove politics from reality, you are a disgrace to all women in Jamaica.


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