The Prime Minister spent 73 seconds on 18 dead babies, but 15 Minutes of JLP offer of free Tuition

Today, after 11 days the Prime Minister dedicated just 73 seconds to speak about the 18 dead babies and to the grieving mothers.

In contrast within one day of Andrew Holness making a statement about “free tuition” the Prime Minister responded and took him to task and spend about 15 minutes doing so.

Which is/was  more important to the Prime Minister ?

You do the maths.


2 Responses

  1. are you going to put up a topic on how the Senator lied to the Jamaica people on national TV about how she was in the bathroom washing her hands…

    She being a former RM…

    • Not that important. I will not be misdirected away from a National crises . Will you comment on this or are everything is good in your eyes.

      I won’t Major in Minors !

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