Its people like AJ NIcholson why we should not allow the politicians to decide on CCJ

Once again I listen to the educated egotistic and arrogant AJ Nicholson  berating the fact that someone this time the Jamaica Observer dared to challenge him and the PNP on the CCJ. In an attack on the Jamaica Obsever, the dinosaur who has long outlived his usefulness says the observer has changed its position on the CCJ because they the Observer had lost a case in the local courts.

“Until recently, the Observer was the most strident supporter of Jamaica moving to the CCJ… after a case was lost in the court here, we hear something different, and we know what instructions were given to persons who work at the Observer, on an aeroplane, we know,” Senator Nicholson snapped

Is this the type of mind one would want to decide for us as an important matter as the CCJ. The PNP trust the people to vote them into power time and time again, but does not trust the very same people to vote on the CCJ.

Jamaicans has better take note.


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