Dead babies ” not real” babies, they were premature – Dr Fenton Ferguson

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Health Minister Dr Fenton Ferguson on Tuesday raised a few eyebrows when he said in an address to Parliament that the public should be aware that the babies who have died as a result of the klebsiella bacteria are “not babies in the real sense”.

He said they are in fact premature, which results in their immune systems being severely compromised.–comment-angers-Opposition

What a callous, insensitive and insincere SOB !

I am Horrified by this statement.

Where is the PNP women’s movement when you need them most.

I cannot believe they will remain silent while the minister tell these mothers who babies died, that their babies were really not babies.


2 Responses

  1. The PNP Women’s Movement will not say a word unless they perceive any attack against PSM other any other female PNP member.

  2. Beginning to sound more like Dr. Mengele

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