Numerous “dead babies” and the Prime Minister and Lisa Hanna are silent

It seems like the only thing that will get the Prime Minister to speak is a political platform in front of cheering comrades and promises that the JLP make, which the PNP believes cannot be fulfilled .

The only things that causes the Prime Minister to speak are the following:

  1. Public criticism of her performance
  2. Opening of something or a ground breaking
  3. Political meeting or rally
  4. Promises made by the JLP which rubs the PNP the wrong way.

This Prime Minister does not speak to national issues, have no face to face meeting with reporters, does not speak to the public and expect that she will be returned to power.

Now the biggest issue of public health to face the nation is here and the Prime Minister has not said a single word on the matter, instead she took to the political stage in the West to warn the peope about so called empty promises being made by the JLP to gain state power.

Minister of Youth Lisa Hanna who is the “mother” of kids across Jamaica has not yet said a single word on the issue.

Is the Prime Minister so callous and uncaring and her only interest is winning elections?

I hope Jamaicans are taking note, because I see none of these mothers jumping and waving on any political stage given the treatment that has been meted out to them by this lying and deceitful government.


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  1. The PM gave this story 73 seconds

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