Those imbeciles in the PNPYO are as shameless as Dr Death !

The stupid youths in the PNPYO released this statement today

KINGSTON, Jamaica — The People’s National Party Youth Organisation (PNPYO) has lashed out at the Opposition, telling them not to politicize health care.

However, the PNPYO said in a release last evening that the Opposition “must immediately remove their favourite politically coloured lenses and call a spade a spade”.

The organisation explained that kledsiella is well known as one of the most common hospital bugs, causing possible fatal illnesses worldwide.

Why these imbeciles in the PNPYO don’t shut the @#$3 UP. They are stupid beyond belief.

PNPYO let me tell you this, the health Minister has been a major F@#$ up and is doing a disservice to the public, get that in your stupid heads.

The lack of infection control as highlighted in the health report by the said minister could have prevented the infection a hence the deaths.  So imbeciles, this was TOTALLY preventable.

Do you guys know what that mean, its means had good hygienic practices been  followed we, yes we in Jamaica could have been above the health industry .

Do you know what that means, it means that those places where deaths are considered normal, could come Jamaica to see what we were doing, why we had less deaths per 100,000 births than international norms for this bacteria

Do you know what that means, it means that Jamaica could be used as a benchmark for infection prevention controls, resulting in us providing assistance to country where the deaths conform to the curve for baby deaths from kledsiella

So to the PNPYO, why do you guys set your standards so low, why do you think just making industry norms in terms of loss of lives is perfectly normal.

You guys don’t get me started with your nonsense. Everytime the PNP fails, we have these bunch of idiots running and shouting do not politicize the issue, just cut the crap.

Had the Minster been effective we would NOT have been here you knuckle heads.

There is really no future for Jamaica, because those in waiting to replace these ineffective idiots are just stupid and incompetent as those whom they would seek to replace.

I expected the youths to aspire to a higher standard that their predecessor, but sadly how wrong I was.

The PNPYO is standards are just as low as the PNP.



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