There is no doubt a conspiracy to make Dr Fenton Ferguson to look bad.

  1. ChikV
  2. Hand , Foot and Mouth Disease
  3. Klebsiella
  4. Chicken pox outbreak
  5. Zikv – 12 reported cases, out break imminent.

I think people are pissed about the tobacco ban and now working on concert to discredit the hard working health minister, but no matter how hard the try, no matter how many Jamaicans die, he will not be fired by the Prime Minister

Afterall Fenton was not there when the babies died, he was not even told until last week about the most recent report. Don’t worry about the health sector audit, that information was never passed unto the Minister, so he cannot be held to account.

In relation to the 2013 outbreak, the Minister was not made aware of that one either, je cannot be everywhere that is why he has technocrats.

Fenton is the best health minister ever and will not be fired unless he did something wrong.


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