Contrary to UHWI board explanation, the Minister was aware of the problems at UHWI

During the period of the audit that was ordered by Dr Fenton Ferguson, the babies would have been dying at UHWI and Cornwall regional hospitals.

Are you telling me that an audit team would not have picked up the fact that an unusual number of babies were dying due to infections picked up at the hospitals ?

Unlike most people I do not believe the statement issue by the chairman of the board at the UHWI in suggesting that the Minister was not informed in a “timely manner”, what does “timely” mean.

I actually believe the information on on the death of the babies were included the report submitted Fenton Ferguson only parts of which he made public in form of a summary.

When Fenton Ferguson had the press conference the first thing he noted was

” There was lack  of or inadequate infection control at some hospitals”.  ( These were not named as according to the Minister he did not want to prejudice these hospitals.

Now we all no that when you get such a report and creating a summary for presentation, you begin with the most critical or most important piece of information and this is exactly what Fenton did.

I therefore posit that Dr Fenton Ferguson lied to the public and was in fact aware of the babies death more than a month ago and therefore REFUSED to make the report public for fear of “causing undue panic”.

I challenge the Minister to prove me wrong !

Fenton cannot now release the report because it would prove by point.


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