Why bring in “disease experts” if these outbreaks are rather normal vs being abnormal

I think our public servants takes the population for idiots or themselves not as smart as they think they are given the statements they are making to us on the circumstances surrounding the death of 18 babies.

We are told these outbreaks are fairly normal and occurs each year, but it was not the practise of the MOH to make this information public.

If that is true then I am going some assumptions

  1. We have successfully dealt with these cases in the past.
  2. In those cases we were able to determine the causal factors and put in place corrective action to stop the outbreak
  3. We have been able to accomplish 1 &2 without the need to bring in overseas experts.
  4. We have knowledge based on past out\breaks as to the origin and data on what was done to fix the problem
  5. We would have put in place long term corrective actions to ensure there was no major outbreak.

If the above is correct and this is normal and no cause for alarm, why on earth would be need to bring in overseas experts.

I posit that the Minister of Health, the Government Chief Medical Officer, the Permanent Secretary and other are involved in a grand cover up and this outbreak is significantly bigger than anything they have seen in the past and they do not know how to control the problem.

If this is not true, then all the above are lying and we really have not had this problem in the past because had we had it and somehow manage to not only contain, but better so, fixed the problem, then there would be no need to bring in overseas expert.

Someone had better come forth and speak the truth because right now I am alarmed and cannot trust no one who appears at a press conference to tell us they are being open with us.

This is one reason I have a very hard time trusting the so called “educated” people in this country, especially where they appears in the public sector, where objectivity and ethics seems to disappear from their educational acumen.


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