PNP is pleased with the “Government’s ” response to public health issue affecting babies

The People’s National Party (PNP) this afternoon said it is satisfied that the occurrence of Klebsiella, the bacteria that has infected 42 infants, killing 18, at the University Hospital of the West Indies and the Cornwall Regional Hospital is being addressed competently by the health authorities.

In addressing the contentious matter in a statement released to the media late Tuesday, the PNP said following a press conference today, the party has been assured that there is nothing mysterious about the illness as indicated in sections of the media.

It said the bacteria forms part of a recurring pattern of infection affecting premature infants globally, including developed countries in North America and Europe.

The party wishes to express its deepest condolences to the families which were affected, the PNP statement said while expressing full confidence in health authorities

“The PNP is further reassured by the actions of the Health Ministry which has recently begun to implement the Programme for the Reduction of Maternal and Child Mortality (PROMAC) following its submission of a project proposal which has received the highest ever grant funding to the health sector of some 22 million Euros or J$3 billion,” the statement read.

I read this release three times just to be sure that my eyes were not fooling me and when I was done I was in total shock.

The PNP is pleased with the Government’s response, which has resulted in the deaths of at least 18 newborns. These are 18 babies who were NEVER given the right to life because our government via the Ministry of health and the Minister Dr Fenton Ferguson refused to do what was necessary to save lives and were engaged in a cover up to prevent the public from being made aware of what was taking place.

The Ministry of Health would have known from July that there problems and rather than making the public aware and shutting down the affected facilities, they choose to continue to operate them while remaining silent on the matter, resulting in the deaths of 18 babies in total.

What was the cause of death that were noted on the death certificates of these babies, given that this was no mystery bug. The Minister told us there was no mystery bug, they knew the name of the bacterial infection, so I would expect that on the death certificate of these babies, this bacterial infection would have been noted.

I am angry beyond belief because one of those babies could have been mine and due to the propensity of the PNP to cover up what does not make the party look good, my baby could have died.

To express condolences to the parents of the children involved does not nearly go far enough, this is a grand cover up and corruption at the highest level and people MUST be held to account.

I urge the JLP not to backdown for fear of the PNP calling on them and the public not to politicize public health issues, because we know that is in the PNP playbook, hoping the public will side with in on matters of this nature.

That PNP statement sums of the callousness and uncaring attitude of those whom we select to lead us and we must repudiate this statement in the strongest language possible.

I once again call on the Office OF The Public Defender to immediately launch an investigation into the circumstances surrounding this Public Health issue and make its findings public.

Enough of the F#$%#$ng cover up and obfuscation.

The Minister must have take us for f$%#ng idiots, if he really expect us to believe that he only became aware on Friday of last week. Whichever way the Minister choose to go, its shows either lack of situational awareness  ( if he only just became aware) and at worst gross incompetence and deliberate attempt at cover up , thus putting lives at risk, which borders on malpractice, if he knew and did nothing ( which appears to have been the case)

Either way the Minister cannot escape or hide behind anyone, the buck stops with him and he should do the right thing, the decent thing by removing himself from the position.

Dr Fenton Ferguson has been a doctor of death in the Ministry of Health

  1. Chik-V –  Over 50 deaths plus thousands infected Cost $3b
  2. Hand, Foot and Mouth diseases – over 100 schools affected, cost not yet known
  3. Pink Eye – Still counting cases and lost hrs
  4. Infectious bacteria – 42 affected , 18 deaths.

Most if not all the above could have been avoided, but the PNP is PLEASED WITH THE GOVERNMENT RESPONSE !


2 Responses

  1. it is truly sad and sick when anyone tries to politicize this issue. it is very traumatic and all should be done to see how best this can be prevented. Some things should rise above the political fray.

    • This is the typical comrades response when issue affecting the public are highlighted. The government is a political organism and so any criticism of the government can be said to be politicized. Sick and tired of the attitude of this government and like minded comrades

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