How to fund the public health service. Chop NHT contributions in half, direct money to a health fund !

It is very clear to me that the 5% that the NHT collects ( 2% workers and 3% from companies) is way too much money for the NHT, which has a huge surplus and for which only about 25% of contributors benefit, needs to be changed.

In the 2012/2013 Financial year the NHT collected approximately $20b from contributors and paid of $3.95b as refunds to contributor.

I am making a suggestion that the rates being paid by PAYE to the NHT be reduced to 1% and that by employees be reduced to 1.5%.  The 2.5% combined total reduction should be directed to a newly created Health Tax, which goes into a special fund managed similar to how the NHT does its contribution.

This would add close to $10b per anuum to the health sector, which I  believe could go a far way in improving the service levels in the area as these funds would not be used for wages and salaries.

The level of reach by the Health sector is significantly more that of the NHT and so more people are likely to benefit from the improvement in the health services given the dreadful state of the existing system.


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  1. Dr Dawes pretty much echoed my sentiments in this article. Its amazing when I post these you hear nothing from the naysayers, but as soon as I lash the Government, they all come crawling out of the woodwork.

    Dr Dawes is spot on, politics trumps everything in Jamaica

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