Public Defender warns about interviewing students without their parents, like seriously?

Coming off her recent ruling that the Principal of St Hilda’s High School erred in rescinding the position of head girl and telling the Principal that the head girl she should be reinstated, The Public Defender has now issued another statement, that many appeared to have not analysed.

The Public Defender has warned that students should not be interviewed without their parents !

This statement has far reaching implications and I really wonder if the learned PD has given thought to what this means. In our school system guidance counsellors have been doing a tremendous job in ferreting out from students many instance of sexual, verbal and other abuse done by parents and guardians.

If the ruling by the PD is to be taken on, it now means these guidance counsellors, would no longer be able to do this task, without the allegedly abuser being present as well as the victim. I am sure that this is not the intention of the learned PD and if it not her intention, then she needs to quickly clarify her position in this regard.

I therefore am using this medium to ask the learned Public Defender to say exactly what she meant by this statement , because in her role which is a powerful one, it can have serious implications for the work of guidance counsellors in schools.

Over to you PD !


2 Responses

  1. She talking rubbish. Watch too much tv. Her comment on St. Hilda’s was also garbage.

  2. The teachers can do preliminary questioning. Not everything must be escalated to the parents at first glance

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