PJ Patterson’s attempt to direct the discussion from Prison transfer deal has backfired !

PJ Patterson  penned a well written  letter on the issue of reparation and  in my opinion this  was timed to sway the discussion from the prison transfer deal back to reparation, but that has not worked. In fact, by penning the letter PJ Patterson has drawn himself back into the limelight and back into the 1990’s. where under his leadership and supported by Dr Run with it, dealt the single largest blow to the Jamaica economy, which ended up with what was called the Finsac debacle for which, Jamaica has still not yet recovered.

It was under the leadership of PJ Patterson that the Jamaican economy collapsed, the financial sector was left in ruins, the manufacturing sector was virtually decimated, resulting in many companies fleeing Jamaica and thousands of job losses. The agricultural sector was not spared the onslaught and that too was left in ruins.

All told, during  the PJ Patterson era and the FINSAC debacle  $120b was taken out of a Jamaican economy that was not growing, despite the fact that the rest of the world was experiencing significant levels of growth.

The human tragedy left behind as a result of PJ Patterson is still being written, with many people committing suicide after recognizing that after spending decades to build and grow their business and take loans to do further expansion, saw everything evaporating and they were now left with huge loan balances that had blown up and which they could never pay off.

PJ Patterson before he left office committed a most selfish act ever committed by a Prime Minister, by ensuring that is pension would NEVER be static, but would be equivalent to the sitting Prime Minister of the day.

So after presiding over the greatest transfer of wealth ever seen in Jamaica and moving many Jamaican businesses and businessmen from prosperity to poverty, PJ Patterson in a most vulgar act of selfishness changed the laws to ensure his pension was not only secured but would rise every time that of the sitting Prime Minister rose.

Now having forced himself back into the limelight, he has been asked to apologize to the thousands of lives he destroyed during his era. I await his response to this request, which I believe is very timely.

So instead of helping the PNP to get out of the prison transfer backlash, PJ Patterson has brought the FINSAC and the financial meltdown back into the picture just ahead of the next election.

The PNP PR machinery has misfired once again.


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