Paul Burke blames 8th year of “Recessionary Economic Constraint” for PNP poor showing, really?

That should really have been the headline of today’s Gleaner lead story, because the impact of that single sentence is very profound.

The Prime Minister, the Finance Minister and other members of the PNP has consistently said they took over an economy in shambles from the JLP in 2011 and labelled those years as the ” missing 4 years”.

At no point between the PNP being sworn in between January 2012 and now have we heard anything from them about the recessionary type economic constraint over the last 4, 5, 6, 7 until now, where the polls have shown that that the Prime Minister has the lowest ever favourability  results of her entire career.

What is interesting is the JLP took over the reigns of power just as the recession began and rode it out until the end of the recession in 2011. Since the PNP took over in 2012, most of the worlds economy has extracted themselves from recession, but not the PNP lead government, which has sought to blame everything and everyone but themselves.

Now that it is clear that the PNP has failed to deliver economic growth, they now have said the problems facing the country and the party is due to the last 8 years of recession around the world.

The facts are the world economies faced 4 years of recession and have managed to move their economy forward, but poor PNP who knows nothing about generating economic growth as failed the people of Jamaica but has impressed the IMF and other lenders around the world, who are making a killing off the backs of Jamaica once again, through a new form of slavery.

Having beaten us into the ground and have our black leaders deliver the punishment, these enriched lenders have all looked on and said ” Job well done, don’t stop the progress”.

PNP are still searching for anyone and anything to blame for their failure.


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