St Hilda High School decision to rescind head girl’s appointment was correct!

I do not need any further details or information than, what has been made public so far, to support the decision taken by St Hilda High School to rescind the appointment of the head girl who happens to be a Jehovah Witness.

Jehovah Witness are barred from holding any leadership role in society , that is the philosophy of the church, so one needs to look beyond the rules of that religious body, to know that the school acted correctly.

See rules 38 – 47 of the Jehovah Witness 141 rules  see link

So one need not even have  look at what the school did, just look at the rules of the Jehovah Witness and one would see that by accepting the position, the parents actually (and the child ) violated the rules of the religious body by allowing her daughter to accept the position as head girl.

So the National Parent Teachers Association and the Student Council really needs to educate themselves before “rounding” off their mouths and screaming “religious victimization” , because clearly that is NOT the case.

The young lady was selected based on her outstanding academic achievements and it appears that her religious belief was never a factor in her selection, but this did become and issue, when it was clear that she could not participate in many events because these run counter to her faith.

Once again the parent erred in allowing her daughter to accept the position knowing fully well that she would not be able to fully perform the functions that comes with that role.

This now leads me to another point and that is one of responsibility, accountability and deliverables. Why would anyone be suggesting that someone be kept in a role for which the perform will most likely fail because they would not ( not because they are do not have the capacity) be able to carry out all the functions embedded in the role?

Why as a people we are willing to continue to accept mediocrity  as a substitute for performance and deliverables. Now its not that the head girl is incapable of carrying out the various functions, no, it’s that she CANNOT do so because these run counter to her religious beliefs and as such she could NOT FUNCTION effectively, what is so hard about that to figure out.

The lack of critical thinking in this country is astounding and is no wonder the country cannot move forward because we continue to put people in roles that they cannot perform fully and then expect good results, it simply cannot happen.

I am really amazed at how people are quick to  take to the air ways to make announcement  before  taking  the time to educate themselves about the matter on hand and do their own analysis of the situation.

Lastly I ask this question.

Do you think a Catholic, Anglican or Methodist could become the Principal of the University College of the Caribbean, UCC and if no, why ?

If you want to find someone to blame, then blame the Jehovah Witness for having such rules that deny a brilliant child from accepting a leadership role in a organization that can only enhance her development in the future.

The rules are stupid and have caused a young lady to miss out on developmental opportunities !

My word of advise to her , would be to leave that body which seeks to ” hold her back”.

A dat me sah.



4 Responses

  1. Spot on.She was not removed from the position because of her religious beliefs but because her religious beliefs would conflict with the duties required of her as head girl.

  2. Agreed. As usual a bunch of hot air in the media

  3. I could not, as hard as I have tried, see the situation from the perspective of the critics who readily accused the school of discriminating against Jada on the basis of her religion…It is the Jehovah’s Witness that is to be blamed, as you have correctly stated.

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