All of sudden we have many human rights advocates in Jamaica!

When Jamaica for Justice JFJ and was in its Prime, many who are now speaking about inhumane prison conditions and human rights issues, were vehemently opposed to the stance taken by the human rights advocacy group.

Many even indicate that the JFJ was only there to protect the rights of prisoners and those who run afoul of the law, much like how they are castigating Indecom now.

All of a sudden these people are lamenting the inhumane conditions under which poor black Jamaicans are being held and championing their human rights.

It’s funny how we are able to move from one position to another as long as it is political expedient or convenient to do so.

We have spent the last week figuring how to justify spending $10b to build a new prisons and another $1b per year to keep prisoners their, when the time could be more productively spent figurting out, how to grow the economy, create more jobs and keep more of the poor black men in this country out of prison.

The British Prime Minister did what his ancestors did many years ago, he came and left information to keep us divided and fight amongst each other, while he looks on laughing as they have done during 300 years of slavery and 200 years after.

They have not changed and neither have we.


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  1. JFJ was both pro-rights and anti-cop due to Gomes’ leadership (which I understand is due to her personal history). That’s what made people (who were not criminals and who live in fear of what criminals would do without even our inept and corrupt police force around) rightfully suspicious of them.

    I remember Gomes advocating a number of times for the ENTIRE JCF to be fired and for a new force to be set up. That suggestion if ever implemented would have been a recipe for disaster. That’s not the way developed countries reformed their police forces (and I’m sure she was WELL aware of that) when such forces had become corrupt or in otherwise severe need of reform. At no point for instance was the entire NYPD disbanded, but rather bad cops were rooted out.

    Now that Gomes has left the scene the JFJ is much less stridently anti-cop, BUT the JFJ shot themselves in the foot over the sex education imbroglio just at the time when they COULD have won over people by being simply pro-rights and not anti- anything.

    When you are pro-rights and anti-cop it isn’t hard for people to make the logical conclusion that you are, in fact, pro-criminal since really and truly ONLY criminals (or their friends) have a vested interest in the eradication of the police force.

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