Peter Bunting’s statement in Parliament (6/10/15) is misleading

Its appears that our politicians really take the population for a bunch of idiots and will continue to do so unless we let them know in no uncertain terms that we are not.

In trying to explain that an “agreement” had not been signed and only a “non-binding MOU” ( Recall my post on the difference between a MOU and an agreement), he said that among other things.

“No agreement could have been signed without the requisite legal framework being in place to allow for the prisoner transfer to take place”.

What kind of nonsense is this, did we have the legal framework in place or the many legislative changes before the IMF agreement was signed?

The answer is no and the legislative changes were made after the signing of the agreement, so Peter you need not look to far to know that of which you speak is pure nonsense.

The UK Government has told its people exactly how much this agreement will save them ( UK taxpayers), while in Jamaica we get nothing but obfuscation from our government.

Peter we are not stupid and in fact you sounded like an idiot giving that explanation yesterday.

You know when our politicians are lying, they get angry when challenged with the truth and attack.


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