Government does not understand the Jamaican family structure , hence reason for rapid spread of diseases.

The Ministry of Health and SERHA appears to lack an understanding of the family structure in Jamaica and how that is contributing to the rapid spread of the Hand, Foot and Mouth disease.

Telling parents to keep their “sick” kids at home for 10 days sounds like good advise, but this is a big problem that those in charge appears not to understand or ignore.

Many Jamaican live in single headed households, where there is either just a mother or a father and no extended family. So a woman working as a security guard, who wakes up and recognizes that something is wrong with the child will choose to send that child to school because she cannot stay home because she won’t get pay.

She sends the child to the school and hopefully the school will recognize that something is wrong and call her work place, who will be iformed and then pass on the information to the mother.

The mother now has a good reason, has validation and her employer is also aware via the school and then and only then will agree for the mother to be off on “sick” leave and may pay her until her child recovers.

That is the Jamaican reality and the reason why sick kids are still being sent to school.

I am not suggesting it is right, I am saying that we need to be aware of the circumstances under which we operate and having done that take the necessary steps to address those issues if we intend to control the situation.

Frankly the MOH & SERHA have both failed miserable again, clearly having learned NOTHING from the Chik-V incident last year.

Why are we paying these people, when they are such freaking failure !

They lack situational awareness and putting the country at risk

A dat me seh


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