PR coup planned by PNP has fizzled out into a PR nightmare !

The PNP administration carefully and meticulously planned these heads of states visit, which were clearly designed to give the impression that suddenly Jamaica was the darling of international community to. I could hear Sista P on the campaign trail

My government has repaired Jamaica’s image on the international scene after this was damaged during the 4 missing years. My administration was able to host four world leaders and a princess in under 6 months in the same calendar year. This has never happened before in the history of our small nation.

This achievement is a testimony to the hard work that this administration has put into re-established the relationship with our trading partners,which was damaged by the previous administration. Let’s not go back to those dark days, let’s move forward from here a proud nation.

With the British PM offering us a prison vs reparation and a Jamaicans being very angry, plus this Hand , Foot and Mouth disease and now the latest report from Al Jeezera , it has been a very bad week from a PR standpoint for the PNP.

A week in politics is a long time.

Elections are not looking so likely again for this year as the PNP will need to get back to tyhe drawing board to figure out how to spin out of this terrible week.


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