Can we have some real analysis on the Prison deal ?

We are told this will either be a 1500 or a 2000 room facility.

We are told that the Tower Street and the St Catherine Correctional facility will be closed when this new prison has been completed in 2020.

The Tower Street facility is over crowded as it was built to house 650 and now houses about 1700 inmates.

The St Catherine facility was built to hold 850 and currently house 1300 inmates.

So the total number of inmates at these two facilities which are to be closed, is about 3,000. Now as part of the deal between 300-600 inmates are to be shipped back across the Atlantic to Jamaica, which will take the prison population to between 3,300 -3,600 prisoners.

So while it may improve the “conditions” give the ages of what it replaces, the main issue of over crowding will remain the same.

We would expended upwards of $6b and have the very same problem, which we had set out to solve.

I guess there are details that we have not yet been made aware of. All this could have been avoid if this government has been transparent in its affairs.

It was the UK media and NOT the Jamaican media or government, who made us aware of the deal, that does say a lot.


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