Hand, Foot and Mouth outbreak in Jamaica is now an epidemic !

Dr Fenton Ferguson stewardship at the helm of the health ministry is now northing short of a nightmarish experience for thousands of Jamaicans.

He handled Chik-V poorly and denied there was an outbreak and did nothing resulting in billions of dollars lost in productive hours and untold pain and misery for those who caught the sickness.

Later on our doctors said the health care sector was in crises, with no medication and shortage of almost everything that was required to run a proper healthcare system. Dr Ferguson denied this and instead stated that there was a conspiracy to get rid oh him due to his imposition of the tobacco band.

He later on  commissioned an audit of the system, which was a mirror image of what we were told by the doctors. Now rather than making the report public, he has chosen to hide the report.

Now earlier this week we had a report which said HF&M diseases was found in 6 unnamed schools and within 3 days this number has risen to 53 schools. As far as I am concerned this is a freaking epidemic that must be treated as such a national emergency health plan MUST be activated.

I hear a few Doctors saying this is normal at this time of the year, really, so why I heard nothing last year and the year before and the year before that. Why is it that in Jamaica we are always trying to hide information from the people of deny the existence of a real problem.

The lazy and incompetent water minister says ” I cannot make rain fall” and the lack of water in schools and homes, means the number of cases are likely to explode even further in the coming days.

What is going to be the response of this government ?

Is there anyone who can be held accountable in Jamaica ?


One Response

  1. Parents blamed by the Government.
    Dr Ferguson strikes again..
    Chik v was the people, Hand , Foot and mouth is the people.

    This is the government of people power.

    I am loving it.


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