No reparation, but Jamaica will spend J$6B to save the British taxpayers J$1.8B per year

The British Prime Minister landed in Jamaica today bearing gift for the Government of Jamaica. Dave Cameron has committed to spend £ 27M to build a prison in Jamaica.

This will allow Britain to sent back home over 700 Jamaican prisoners currently serving time in UK prisons. So the UK is committed to cover 40% of the cost of this new prison with the GOJ contributing the remaining 60%.

So instead of reparation money for  slavery, the Government of Jamaica has “bowed” and will spend $6b of Jamaicans taxpayers money so it can save the British taxpayer £10m per year  or J$1.8B per year  !

The British will recoup their investment is under 3 years ie payback < 3 years, which suggest that this indeed a great investment given the very short payback period.

In addition the Internal rate of return that will be made on this investment over the 30 yrs ( Estimated useful life) is 37.03% , which an astounding IRR given the BOE interest rate is just 0.5% PA.

The white people have outsmarted the black people once again.

Great going guys, you have represented the descendants of black slavery very well, job well done !


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