Bobby Pickersgill say ” He cannot make the rain fall”. Why do we need him ?

The most incompetent Jamaican politician to ever enter representational politics, Bobby Pickersgill was reported to have said, giving the continued drought conditions, there is nothing he can do, because he cannot make the rain fall.

This statement rivals one made by his boss ” She was not there as far as I know, she did not start the fire”.

When a politician feels like he/she can make such stupid statements in the public space or any space for that matter and still have a political life, you know how politics is in the “pit toilet”.

Its full time we refuse to accept this kind of behavior and demand better. If things are to get better, the middle class of get of their collective asses and bring their educational acumen to the fore. They mist first begin by exercising their democratic right to vote, based on issues and performance and begin the revolution that is now required.

In Jamaica just over 50% of the voting population votes and these are mainly die-hard voters. The young folks and the middle class rarely vote thus allow the least capable and least competent among us to select those to run/ruin the country for the next five years, while we complain or look for opportunity in the developed countries, where the middle class actually vote and make a difference.

Come the next election the people must tell Bobby his time has expired and he must be placed into retirement because he has done nothing  and will simply continue to do same going forward.

Middle class voices must now be heard in the ballot boxes and less on Facebook/Twitter.


2 Responses

  1. The country would not require of him to make the rain fall although the decision on cloud seeding is his to make, but he has to come to the country with workable solutions to this drought as my understanding is that we will be moving from one drought this year into another one next year.

    • That is exactly the point. Who expected him to make rain fall, we expect clean and a reliable supply of water.

      The imbecile comes and tell us he cannot make rain fall, like seriously ?
      No sah !

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