PCB Bank Board Members should be re-instated forthwith !

KINGSTON, Jamaica – The National People’s Co-operative Bank of Jamaica (NPCB) says some reports of misuse of money by its members have “misrepresented” the bank’s true position.

“The members’ deposits have been used productively, making loans to members, cash investments as well as being invested in property, plant and equipment” the NPBC explained in a newspaper advertisement today.


If this was the case, it means the Minister Derrick Kellier unjustifiable dismissed the board members who did NOTHING wrong.

Let’s let’s at the NHT OUTAMENI SCANDAL. In that case the NHT used $200m of contributors money inappropriately to purchase and asset thta was outside the remit of the fund, yet all board members retained their jobs.

Here the board members did no wrong and were all fired, what is wrong with this picture ?

Are board members now running public bodies or the management team ?

Why is it that when PNP is in power we have all these kinds of problems ?


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