The Prime Ministers continued use of children to shore up her political position is rather unfortunate !

Social media has given us all the opportunity to express ourselves, without having to be subjected to editorial massacre by main stream media.

During the first half of this year, while “demons” where attacking and raping and murdering our kids, the media had to literally beg the Prime Minister to give a statement on what is happening to our kids, which she did at some opening of something ( a ceremonial event).

Despite the fact that the murderous trend continued, the Prime Minister was mostly silently and brought NOTHING to the table in relation to what her administration was going to do to address the crime monster and specifically those targeting kids.

I therefore almost vomited to hear her on Sunday repeating the falsehood that she is serious about crime against kids and what she was going to do about it in terms of legislation etc.

I have come to the view that she is using this a a political ploy to try and garner support for her now fledgling career and to boost the position  of the party.

Anyone who cannot see this is either blind or in denial,because the fact is the PM has NOT done a damn thing to address the issues affecting our nations kids.

I find the Prime Minister’s position on this very serious issue disingenuous at best and its very unfortunate to use what is happening to our kids as a political tool in her waning arsenal.

She should be called out by all who really cares and have been doing what it required to protect our kids

Don’t expect to see views like these in main stream media, it will not be tolerated !



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