The Prime Minister’s constant attack on her critics must end !

The Jamaican Prime Minister have been around long enough to know that criticism of political parties and leaders are a normal part of the democratic process.

This Prime Minister who has done next to nothing in terms of leadership for the last 4 years cannot expect to get a free pass for his stewardship or should I say , lack thereof.

This is the only Prime Minister on this side of the hemisphere who as not sat done for a one on one interview with any media house in Jamaica.

She has been missing in action from she one won in December 2011 and despite the constant call for her to action, she has resisted everyone of those calls. The few time she speaks to the public, its almost always to attack those who justifiable have been critical of her lack of leadership.

The fact that she fails to recognize this, is very worrying, because it means she actually believes that being absent is really a good thing.

The Prime Minister needs to GET OVER it. She should use the few opportunities when she speak to us to tell us how she plans to improve her poor leadership vs telling her critics to SHUT UP.

She continues to be such a huge disappointment, but I think we have learned our lessons and will not be making this same mistake again, whenever she chooses to ” call it”.

Sick and tired of this…. PM


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