60,000 jobs created “lie” was not bought by comrades who refused to applaud !

In her broadcast to comrades last Sunday, the Prime Minister made statements that were factually incorrect, the biggest one of which, was the the number of jobs that were said to have been created.

In boasting of her party’s achievement, the party leader said under the JLP 100,000 jobs were lost, incidentally her speech last year said 90,000 jobs were lost. DWL.

The party leader said ” We created 60,000 jobs for our people”. There were no applause from comrades in attendance. to which the Prime Minister repeated ” I said we created 60,000 jobs, give me some applause for that nuh “.

It was very clear to me that loyal comrades gathered in attendance knew this was a blatant lie and so refused to applaud her initial statement, only doing so after she literally demand an applaud.

I took comfort in knowing that people were willing to stand-up even for once to dispel a blatant lie coming from the platform, which really shook the confidence of the Prime Minister.

Proud of those comrades who decided to take stand.


4 Responses

  1. At least some of the diehard dem a wake up and smell di coffee! Maybe when diehards from both parties realize how rubbish the PNP and JLP are then Jamaica can BEGIN the process of real reform.

    • That I must agree with. Our politics must change, this idiocy of waiting for one to fail, which means the country fails can no longer cut it.

      • Jamaica lacks innovation in creating jobs. Politicians often use buzzwords like science and innovation to sound transformational. However, they have no interest in these topics. If the masses become innovative then they won’t need Politicians like Portia. The woman makes a spectacle of herself every time she speaks.

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