Derrick Kellier “finds” the missing $650m that the auditors could not find, he is an amazing sleuth !

Super duppa “auditor” Derrick Kellier has “found” the over $600m that his audit team, that was sent in to audit the PC bank could not find after months of investigation.

Derrick says, the money is not missing or misappropriated, instead it was used for purpose other than it was intended to be used for.

The dictionary defines misappropriation as follows :

to put to a wrong use. to apply wrongfully or dishonestly

So Mr Kellier, you can try to spin all you want, the over $600m of poor peoples money’s that was entrusted to the management of the PC Bank was misappropriated and used corruptly by the management and directors that you had oversight responsibility.

The Minister is suggesting the media is crying wolf and this is really nothing to be alarmed about and is just a storm in a tea cup. Derrick is correct, he is so used to corruption when the PNP oversees anything, that he does not see anything wrong herem because this kind of thing happens all the time.

Derrick, this is NOT 2007 and Jamaicans are no longer will to accept this kind of BS from you and other members of the PNP government, we have had enough of this mess and demand better governance and accountability.

You were quick to fire the board, but on the other hand is quick to also suggest that this is a private entity and GOJ ONLY provides oversight responsibility and the PNP has really nothing to do with the operations of the entity, really, you think we are a bunch of freaking idiots.

You acted very quickly by dismissing the board to give us the impression that you are now in charge, but where the hell were you when all this money was being given away like confetti’s to board members and members of the management team, where were you sir ?

You tell us the money was used for “fixed assets” hahaha, are you trying to give us the impression that these assets cannot be moved and can be accurately accounted for, well tell us what are these assets and what is the currently valuation of those assets.

Is 24 town house considered to be fixed assets foe which the fund were no misappropriated minister. When monies are lent to board members to refurbish house and pay for personal expenses, theses are not misappropriated funds minister?

I think you should take your boss advise and go get your head examined, because your press conference yesterday, is a clear indication that you have not come to terms with what it means to be responsible and or accountable.

It was downright embarrassing listening  to the minister trying to make excuse for the board that he fired for NOT misappropriating the funds of these poor farmers.

The PNP continues to make a mess of anything that has to do with management of the affairs of this country and yet this is another example of the way PNP operatives behave and the minister is trying to tell us that its really not that bad, its just a media frenzy and they should be ashamed of themselves, like seriously !

In any country where there is good governance, this minister would have been holding a press conference to tell us he has handed in his resignation because he failed the people of the country and he figured this was in the best interest of the country.

The man was simply embarrassing to say the least.

Can someone please leak the damn report so we can read it ourselves. The media house have the report and have decided to keep it for themselves rather that releasing it so the public can read it for themselves.

The main stream media needs to be more forthcoming in this regard.

This scandal ridden government is embarrassing Jamaica on the corruption index and have done nothing in 4 yrs to improve that situation.

.Seems as if you cannot mention the word corruption, without the PNP popping up !


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  1. When people are not accustomed to being held accountable this is the type of things that happen. In the free for all system people do as they will and find ways to justify their actions

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