Attempting to use Technical solutions to fix Political problems, cannot work !

Jamaica is failing on many fronts and have been doing so for a very long time and there is really just one simple thing that needs to be done to solve the various problems.

Many will want to suggest ” if its that simple why have we not yet done it” and that is really the million dollar question.  I would answer that by saying, a major part of why it has not yet been done, is because of our [ Jamaicans] attitude to problem solving.

We often believe that the best and most expensive technology will solve crime, but alas that does not seem to work in Jamaica, why?

With the advent of smartphones equipped with camera and access to social media at the touch of a button, one would have been led to believe that we could now capture images of criminal activity, get that info to the police, build a case a boom crime solved. Well that has not been the case in Jamaica, instead smartphones have been used to capture sexual acts and police activities and posted that on social media, but no criminal activities are being captured even though many happen in the day and in full view of the public.

The only thing that is making progress in Jamaica today, is the implementation of the IMF program and the question should be asked, why have we been able to meet all the qualitative and quantitative targets and pass all test so far.

The answer is rather simple, THE POLITICAL WILL 

Note carefully those three words as I will be coming back to it.

We have enacting almost every new law that has been laid out by the IMF, the GOJ have rigidly imposed on the people of this country all the IMF conditionalities  , whether we like it or not or approve of it or not, why , because  THE POLITICAL WILL EXIST [ TPW]

Why does TPW exist, well if you don’t, there are dire consequences that could threaten your ability to remain in power, are you getting the picture now?

The IMF says this must be done or else, we will withhold financing and even though the medicine is bitter, the politicians move post haste to get it done. There has been no large scale movement against the IMF program, no social movement, no mass demonstration etc, even though the pain is unbearable.

For decades our Debt/GDP ratio has been increasing, our fiscal deficit has been running away, but in less than three years we have managed not only to put the brakes on this, but manage to begin to turn it around.

Now what about crime and corruption, which is our biggest problems, why have we not been able to get the better of both aiieeee , yes you’ve got it, this time its the absence of THE POLITICAL WILL.

Once the TPW exist and the people outline the consequences of not exercising that political will, I guarantee you that in 5 years or less, we would have made a major dent in corruption and crime and Jamaica would be soaring to new heights in terms of economic growth.

So, giving the police better weapons,  drones, CCTV, smart gadgets, will NOT solve our crime problems, you may see very small gains, but nothing that is sustainable.

The last time a politician decided to show political will, not only did he commit political suicide, but over 70 Jamaicans died as a result. ( This is now the subject of an inquiry)

The immediate aftermath was crime PLUMMETEDs and criminals fled the country , while those who could not flee, were paralyzed with fear.

It did not take long for things to return to normal ie our murderous ways simply because the political will to continue what needed to be done did not exist

So, the solution we need to address things like crime and corruption is firstly THE POLITICAL WILL, then we use the Technical programs/solutions to achieve the end results.

The IMF PROGRAM is PROOF of this. The political will was exercised first and then all the technical solutions followed, the result is passing all 9 test thus far.

I am not for one minute endorsing the merits of the program, all I am saying is the targets that were set are being achieved due to the political will to do what was necessary to achieve that.

So let’s use this upcoming campaign period to tell both side of the political divide, that the only ones who will get our vote are those that are committed to and demonstrate the POLITICAL WILL to address our main concerns, even if that means committing political suicide, meaning they are willing to provide meaningful  solutions vs being a career politician.



One Response

  1. There are several problems with your response to the technical vs. political. But put to be brief, the main problem has never been a lack of political will. Both political and technical are, like legal and economic will/solutions, are solutions to the problem of HOW. What Jamaica lacks is the answer to the problem of WHY.

    You have described a Negative Political Will (NPW). This is a will that seeks to destroy, in this case, a decrepit, corrupt, oligarchic, plutocratic system. But what of Positive Political Will (PPW)? What will you build in its place, or during its destruction? I understand that these types of solutions maybe outside the scope of your blog, but some sort of PPW must be at least hinted at. But first there are some questions that must be answered before any project of the sort can be undertaken. They are :

    1.Who are we?
    2.What outcome are trying to achieve
    3.How will we do it?
    4.What will we use to do it?

    Most of us have been trying to answer 3. and 4., but that is mere technocratic problem solving (technical, economic and political). See, 3. and 4. cannot be answered without first answering the moral and historical questions of 1. and 2. With 3. and 4., not only will we have enough buses, but they will also run on time. But (literally and metaphorically) where should the buses go? And should we even have buses in the first place? You need to answer 1. and 2. first.

    That’s why we went back to Square Zero after the Tivoli Raid. The Tivoli Raid was never done due to the JLP’s political will, but because America’s Justice Department sent for him. It was not a result of any self-examination. It’s not like the politicians, technocrats, or citizenry sat down and said to themselves

    “We want to live in a country free massive levels of gun crime , and we cannot do that wit garrison system and donmanship in place. We must dismantle it, for our children’s sake and our own. Then we can go about building a middle-class country, based on Judeo-Christian/Enlightenment morals and values.”

    Nope. Instead, Dudus wanted to a cut on the Digicel building going up, and that set off a chain of events that led him to where he is. Now, notice how everyone just kept their heads down and went back to back to business after it was all over? Nobody in any of our interest groups got up and put forth a plan to move forward after the massive drop in murders? That’s because we have no moral or intellectual vision. Its a bit hard to answer the question “What next”, when all you’ve been doing for the past 20 years is living one day at a time.

    Which group in Jamaica has truly defined itself by with an identity that explains its past and defines its future. Most of the time its America that does that for us. Right now, Cameron is helping us out with a nice new prison. So you know how he identifies us…..

    Remember that line “Give use vision, lest we perish” ? Gotta get that first. Then we can get started.

    Keep up the good work.

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